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Silently pay, silently act, silently change, it is the main tune our second season of One-Hundred-Day War——sneak!

Dream and mission are in our heart, innovation and sharing are on earth, profession and cooperation are in the world, this is that systematic and standardized us is sneaking!

I, we, Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team insist on our consistent style of work, setting up the consistent standard of work, every day we are struggling for day and night on the way of sneaking, loneliness and solitude become the best companion, innovation and implementation become the best partners; with no regrets but great courage to implement and work on the fixed plam, direction and target; we know very well what’s the most important, and we know more clearly the current state of the whole society, therefore, we always adhere to maintaining the status, we are punctilious and firm to sneak on our own swing; dream gives us the strength, faith gives us courage, and mission gives us constant direction; inner fever has been converted into another kind of power, it will make us become stronger on the sneaking; I am who I am, the pride of Cwmalls people!

“El Nino” phenomenon lead to global warming, and it causes serious damages to the whole social ecological system; survival of the fittest and inertial thinking make everyone lost his way at this moment; the cruel reality makes us become more sober and rational; blindly pursuing has lost its meaning at present, to redefine the market, product, and ourselves will be urgent; after tight sitting and calm analysis, we are lack of the fear of the market, and are more ignored the law of the market, if we still do in our own day, it will definitely have inevitable consequences; therefore, in a more scientific, practical, serious attitude, Cwmalls people will face everything calmly; we still sneak all the way! Firm faith will bloom the most beautiful flower and bear rich fruit!

“Sneak” is the interpretation of each one of Cwmalls people who are struggling silently; meanwhile it is the witness of the consistent low-key style of work of Cwmalls team; this is a kind of attitude, and more a kind of quality; we will be the innovative school and powerful school in the history; it is a long way, we need to accumulate experience, and we also need to learn more about ourselves and always learn; the second season of One-Hundred-War best reveals all our concepts, a connecting link between the preceding and the following, keep going; retreat for the sake of advancing, skip to ascend; being simple, practical, flexible and earnest will make us have better development in the second season; difficulties, setbacks, blows, tortures will fully release in the second season; this is a kind of progress and sublimation, and also a kind of self correction, repair! We will still sneak all the way until rise up!

I am who I am, singing my own paean, high and powerful; I am who I am, practice my own dream, crazy and punctilious; Cwmalls people and Cwmalls team are unique, and we are absolutely loyal to dream and mission all the time, because it makes us become more powerful; we should brand the mark of Cwmalls on the central axis of history, we will make an eternal symbol for our own yesterday, today and future! Cwmalls 3000 growing series the second season – “sneak” is officially be the classic and written into our history; it's a turning point , and the beginning of an ascending, we will not forget everyday’s images and events, we are still flying against the wind! O am who I am, different attitude and choice will make a different achievement!

There is no turning back, Cwmalls’ choice is science and technology, green, environmental protection, sustainability, innovation and sharing! Long as the way is I will keep on searching above and below; be the most earnest self, show it to others; to make learning and implementation be the ladder of our common growing! I can, so do you; Cwmalls 3000 growing series——sneak will be officially stopped at 23:47 on December 10th, 2015; If heart, dream on, let us heart to heart, hand in hand together to make the world a better place because of our existence!

The horn for advancing sounds again, we are resolutely sneaking on the way!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE