When faced with the hectic urban, silent dream and helpless reality, should I go with the tide or get my own way?

When recalling the happiness of childhood, the entanglement of youth and the anatta of middle age, I wonder it is because time goes by too fast or I am completely indifferent to them.


Today, with a heavy heart, I’m going to have a “self-redemption” from the views of nature, history, philosophy and human nature. This is a deep thinking and a rational analysis. The aim is to let more “why” become today’s protagonists and let “who I am” become a symbol. Every moment’s meaningless choice makes the balance of life ups and downs, the hesitant attitude of the mind makes the value of life be greatly diminished, and the confused alternation of day and night makes the reason for existence unable to be relieved. Is it our present situation? Is it our life? Is it our future? No. However, we are its spokesmen. Helplessness, anger, grief and pain interweave into a painting in a moment which we don’t dare to look directly. But it's just in front of us!


If faith makes you stronger, then the light of life will be brighter! If dream gives you strength, then the road of life will be broader. It’s a natural proposition, which only has hypotheses instead of causation, because it's the endorsement of sentiment. It needs to be carried out and realized healthily, rationally, objectively, positively and timely in the perspective of life. But what is the truth? Any subjective and objective factors like external environment, mind and physiology can make you give up halfway, make you finish without any gain or even make you stop having any plan at early stage. There is no standard answer or successful case for the reason and the way we live. Everything becomes a recurring nature. Many secular reasons such as apathy, involuntary action, group psychology, etc. are enough to kill any of your transformation. In this case, we should take action to abandon inertia thinking and behavior so as to put human nature back on the track of reason and science as well as let body and mind return to the healthy and indifferent ideal. This is a choice with attitude. Let’s make flexibility become the sustainable vernier gauge.


History is always surprisingly similar. Whether for reincarnation or being consistent, it repeats yesterday's story every moment on the axis of time. The script has changed as well as the character, but the ending never changes! Is that the mantra of human nature or the essence of evolution? Everything becomes complicated. Originally, history is the best mirror, we can find yesterday's self and future's self at any time in the long river of history. But why do we still make the mistakes that used to be made in the past hundreds or thousands of years ago? Maybe this is a zero-sum game of life, maybe that's what history is all about! It is like a chain that never ends, leaving traces of everything in the scale of time, it's like the horizontal line in coordinate, recording the meaning of life at different times. We can’t deny the importance of history since it gives us knowledge, energy, and even life. But how can we make better use of this "panacea"? Objective, fair, reducible, and rational reference, logic and analysis will open another window for our lives! Standing in the perspective of history, the call of human nature is the call of going back home!


Philosophy, the intermediary of materialism and idealism, carries out the full-scale, multi-angle and logical analysis of problems such as the cooperation between human society and nature society, the relationship between people, the coexistence of soul and life, etc. with the center of “argument” and root of “reason”. It makes thinking become clearer and clearer and makes life exceed its value. It's like the vertical line in the center of the coordinate, in which it activates and excavates more potential through dialectics so as to absorb the essence and reject the dross. Although philosophy is not everything, it gives us causality. Therefore, whether it is the interpretation of human nature or the instinctive interpretation of life, it can all get you into it, understand the inner relationship and inevitable result between life and death, joy and sorrow, bitter and sweet! It can even explain a multitude of psychological, ideological, mental problems and phenomena such as where we are from, what we are going to do, why we are alive, what the meaning and value of our lives are, etc.! Sometimes it is just like a magnifying glass or microscope, formatting everything for interpretation and argumentation, so as to make nature become natural, make humanity become rational. This is the charm of philosophy. Transposition thinking, hypothetical argumentation and other methods also convoy our health, safety, and happiness. Only through philosophy can we make life more meaningful and valuable!


Man’s nature at birth is good and same, but habits make them become different. This is one-sided and metaphysical logic. "Human nature" is instinct which can’t be interpreted for external or internal causes. This is the natural result of DNA or chromosomal or genetic mutations, which are congenital and secretive. Meanwhile, it also has universality and plasticity. Like recognition of good and evil, individual heroism and collective honor, selfishness and selflessness, and other problems and phenomena, we must handle them objectively and fairly to make the original face of “human nature” be presented positively and better prevent, modify, improve and upgrade! In this way, we can form the right values, outlook on life and world view! Let’s make the wonderful moment of blossom forever, make the blessing of health and happiness eternal! The affairs of the world are inconstant, I hope everything is okay! All good things must come to an end. You come to this world, but you will leave one day. This is called “life”! Let nature take its course, there is still a long way to go!


Perhaps the outer space "Mars" is a good choice, and this will soon be the direction we will go all out! The future is here, and perhaps cutting of all means of retreat is the best way! This illogical essay and story full of question marks are a kind of metaphysical progress, also a sublimation of materialism; how to realize effective self-breakout? It is a challenge, an opportunity, the future… This is the call and thought of human nature! Remembering the past and cherishing the future make our existence more wonderful!


The choice of wind changes because of you!

The loneliness of rain is made because of you!

The blossom of flowers is beautiful because of you!

The beautiful memory is intoxicating because of you!

CWMALLS COMMODITY is flourishing because of you!




April 7, 2021