Home court—CWMALLS people’s home court, they keep consistent;

Battlefield—CWMALLS team’s battlefield, they are braver after each fight;


Counterattack - having won through utter defeat;

Rise - the great momentum in the world;


The trumpets of “The Battle of One Hundred Days” are sounded again, they catch the advantages of time, geography and people, Overcome all obstacles and create greater glory;

The denunciation of “The Battle of One Hundred Days” is released again, they inspire the passwords of potential, the ambition, the dream, ignite the passion and enjoy blooming;


Annual “The Battle of One Hundred Days” is the season belonging to oneself, the home court belonging to oneself, only sprinting and forgetting oneself can change magnificently and upgrade perfectly;

Annual “The Battle of One Hundred Days” is the call of dreamy mission, the witness of target achievement, only insistence and bravery can take a new look and accomplish everything;


The history is always a striking similarity, and insist to interpret stories belonging to the past, present, the future in the time of the axis, so does CWMALLS people’s yesterday, today and tomorrow; but its results which is like a growth ring in a tree have been growing year by year, this is the best witness of “The Battle of One Hundred Days”; throughout the year which includes spring, summer, autumn and winter, CWMALLS team similarly follows the law of natural, bloom, yield and create more splendor in their own season; that's what we're going to do, and that's our the most important thing; We are ready, here we come!


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND, this is the dream of CWMALLS dream, this is the direction of CWMALLS people, this is the model of CWMALLS complex; thus, in this special day, with great confidence, courage, CWMALLS elite team practice their own every day, every season and through the collaboration, hard work and mutual help between each other, they make every point, every side bloom wonderfully and bear rich fruit; we also stand at the height of history, the forefront of the industry to seize every opportunity, perseverance and tackle tough, so that all difficulties and obstacles become a past, so passionate brief bloom completely; For the target, the direction, for the dream, the mission, we set the military order, the counterattack of one hundred days, the rise after one hundred days; no matter what kind of environment and conditions, we must act as planned and keep consistent; this is a comprehensive test of the will, quality and ability, this is a super review of execution, efficiency and management, there is no reason or retreat, I am the one who lives and fights to the end; this is power source of “The Battle of One Hundred Days”, this is the core point of “The Battle of One Hundred Days”, it detonates the vision and care for the future!


There is no turning back, everyday is “The Battle of One Hundred Days”; this is the harvest season, this is the rush hour; the bold, careful, serious, persistent and united fate community is the super soul of surpassing ourselves and conquering everything, it will lead and witness our “Battle of One Hundred Days”, it will inspire, sublimate our “Battle of One Hundred Days”; thus, all staff of CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operation Center, CWMALLS North America Operation Center, CWMALLS European operation Center, and global partners, friends units to cheer and escort for “The Battle of One Hundred Days”; having a big promotion and qualitative leap in technology, product, promotion, service, experience, etc, or having enough understanding, unified thought in innovation, standard, ecology, green, value and so on; all of those are effective to make sure the successful completion of annual plan and our goal! “The Battle of One Hundred Days” is exciting, blood-gushing, it is the witness of final sprint; “The Battle of One Hundred Days” make people unite and is able to forge ahead and draw a full stop for all the goals of 2017! “The Battle of One Hundred Days” achieves great dream and mission of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex! Come on!


This is the witness of one hundred days, CWMALLS people do not bear the mission and fight to the better end!

This is the reincarnation of one hundred days , CWMALLS people are what they seem to be, start well and end well!


Here, sincerely expressing thanks to elites of “The Battle of One Hundred Days” (Momo, Frank, Water, Lydia, May, Ivy, Daisy), it is you that challenge and surpass yourselves, it is you that devote yourselves day and night, it is you that```CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will be more brilliant with your unity and efforts!