Intelligence is the crystallization of human wisdom;
Intelligence is the process of exploring the unknown;

CWMALLS Intelligence is an achievement as innovation blooms;
CWMALLS Intelligence is a journey of dream and mission;

This is a all-round upgrade inside and out, and more of the latest model of standardized implementation; “CWMALLS Intelligence” will shoulder the mission to challenge ourselves and explore the unknown, and to subvert tradition and set up the standard by our actual action; this is the new symbol in internet age, this is new unification of thing network standard, this is the new stage of cloud computing sharing, this is the new center of big data experiencing; dream will start here, passion will bloom here, by relying on the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem, CWMALLS Intelligence will create more values and service for you, him, her, it and me; hope you can pay great attention to “CWMALLS Intelligence”!

“CWMALLS Intelligence” is the central nervous system of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY, and the blood circulation system of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex, it carries the core value, life outlook and world outlook, it executes the absolute loyalty to the dream and mission, it inherits the courage, standard, ecology, fairness, freedom and sustainable development; this is the golden point of macroscopic and microcosmic view, and more of the new endorsement of standardization and integration; CWMALLS Intelligence will inject the brand new vitality to research and development, innovation, design, production, sales, service, management, and make technology, products, operation, sharing and interaction beyond your imagination, this is the network value and meaning to the Nth, this is the new definition of “CWMALLS Intelligence” future full enjoyment; standing in the point of view of nature and science, intelligent CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY will promote the healthy and sustainable development, and explore the unknown(space and other planets)with great responsibility and mission; this is CWMALLS people’s special DNA structure, its uniqueness is to be different in every way!

“CWMALLS Intelligence” is a perfect sublimation from point to line to surface and inside, with a posture that silence is better than cry, it instantly penetrates into all genetic structures and improve them, colorful, steric and vivid CWMALLS industry chain will show you one and another classic works and products just as “Oscar”; systematic and standardized “CWMALLS Intelligence” will make every link bloom unique self and share with you, technological and ecological “CWMALLS Intelligence” will make every detail release extraordinary charm and achieve everything; therefore, we carry out world-class grand alliance, innovation and cooperation, and have wide and deep study and communication with many research institutions and laboratories, science geeks, devoting ourselves to building “CWMALLS®” to the only symbol of CWMALLS intelligent achievements, and it is the only standard of “CWMALLS Intelligence”; this is the self-challenging of CWMALLS people, this is the source for CWMALLS team to realize the dream, this is CWMALLS complex’s vow to the mission, we can do it, we can make it, “CWMALLS Intelligence” will go along with you! Its slenderness is just your brilliance!

Intelligence will open up the new realm of human civilization;
Intelligence will add luster to you, him, her, it and me!
Intelligence will…..


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE