Learning is the ladder of growth and progress;
Learning is the footstone of change and innovation;
Cwmalls people are taking action!

Learning is the start to skip for standing;
Learning is the sublimation as all rivers run into sea;
Cwmalls people are implementing!

Learning is a kind of spirit and example, it will make you full of confidence and achievements;
Learning is a kind of attitude and persistence, it will make you get double the result and out of the ordinary;
Cwmalls people are sticking to it!

In this way, Cwmalls people open up the high tide of our learning in 2015 Autumn Winter season; same self, as open and clear as before, same efforts, same unity, to build new CWMALLS COMMODITY belongs to everyone and the future; learning, innovation, implementation, adjustment form up our growing processes, and we will become more wonderful and stronger with our common hardworking and efforts! We are creating our own history, we are writing our own story; with the attitude we should have, Cwmalls people actively embrace the happiness and achievements brought by learning and share with you! This is our real story in every day!

“Cwmalls Learning” is the inevitable course for us to connect with the foregoing and carry forward, and create the future; therefore, we carry out a comprehensive learning plan, to improve the overall quality and ability of Cwmalls people; to make all of our projects and goals more workable and practicable; meanwhile Cwmalls learning best shows our unified thought and understanding, cohesion of the team and executive ability will burst forth exceptional splendidness at this moment; also more difficulties and contradictions will be solved at this moment! This is a kind of result brought by learning attitude and spirit!
It changes for action, it becomes more classic for persistence, it is full of wonder for learning!

“Cwmalls Learning” is the basic guarantee for our innovation, sustainable and fast development; only by learning, can implementing show its real value; therefore, we break the routine and across industries, with a more focused and professional attitude, we unfold piety and loyalty to dream and mission, this is the common faith and pursuit of Cwmalls people; we are brave on the way, we are share all core values belong to CWMALLS COMMODITY with everyone through well organized and systematic learning! This is a kind of happiness, felicity and accomplishment, also a kind of model, strength and spirit! Cwmalls people would like to improve our real value through constant learning, communication and help with you; also to make the society more wonderful with our existence!

Learning is life resource of metaphysics; we should cherish and respect it!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY