This is a superb transformation, and a perfect upgrade, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY enter the networked age roundly;
This is the endorsement of standard, and the witness of unification, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY enter the globalized age roundly;

The world's first brand of Internet products — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY;
The world's first brand of Internet of things products — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY;

The model of globalized united design, design, manufacture — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY;
The template of world-class patented design, research and development, cooperation — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY.

These are our present stories, also our dreams that we are pursuing all the time; the brand-new business model based on standardization, integration, globalization and networking takes big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence as the cores and carries out world-class horizontal integration(supply chain construction, optimization), world-class vertical excavation(motivating the potential of innovation and R&D) to build the CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY whole industrial chain standardized value ecosystem and realize “CWMALLS®” “CWMALLS COMMODIYT™” Made in Internet & Made in World; this is the best endorsement of international economic globalization and integration, also the only witness of sharing economic valuing and ecologicalization; world-class resources, globalized integration and networked sharing lay a world’s standard foundation on the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and technological, artistic, green CWMALLS COMMODITY! Made in Internet & Made in World = CWMALLS®、CWMALLS COMMODIYT™.

“CWMALLS® Made in Internet” is an online brand with Internet gene; its unique structure and property will become industry pacesetter and new brand species with the joint supervision and recommendation by CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Patent Review Committee; the information flow in forms of photo, text and video will form effective materials, become works, products and commodities for your timely sharing, experience with the driving and catalyzing of the Internet; whether for independent designers, free developers, fashion icons, opinion leaders, web celebrities and icons or professional studios, guilds such personages and organizations, everything has become close enough to touch in the informationized, networked today; whether for the originality, designs of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, etc., the raw materials from Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, etc. or the assembling and intelligent manufacture in China, Japan, India, Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, all these are aggregated on the premise of open and transparent Internet information; the Made in Internet model of united standard, united management, united manufacture and united service forms a brand-new Internet product brand — “CWMALLS®”,“CWMALLS COMMODIYT™” with the help of such Internet information converters as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc. finally.

“CWMALLS® Made in World” is a world brand with international source areas and division of labor; the distinctive cooperation model of globalized R&D, design and manufacture makes information fragmentation, cooperation standardization and refinement of division of labor really become the core basis of “CWMALLS® Made in World”; this is the best annotation of taking from the world and sharing with the world, also the core concepts of globalized products, techniques, promotion, management and brand; the featured industries, elements and cultures in the world will make 1+1>2 or 1+1+1>3 become possible with the joint integration, excavation of CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Patent Review Committee; the Made in World concept is in the center of globalized information flow, capital flow, talent flow and product flow, what it integrates are resource, culture and value, what it excavates are freedom, justice and potential; everything is in the center of sustainable development, everything is in the center of green and environmental protection, everything is in the center of ecological construction, only when the globalized, networked resources are integrated and information sharing develop harmoniously can we make the human wisdom, natural resources from five continents, four oceans get better coordinated, shared and developed; “CWMALLS® Made in World” not only mixes all the resources from countries of origin in the world, but also carries out international big alliance, big division of labor, big optimization, big extraction to form up more diversified and multifunctional products, commodities; this is the Made in World, World Intelligent Manufacture pushed by CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex, it takes one Earth, one home and one world, one dream as the mission, and proves this is the future with action and loyalty! World Manufacture and World Intelligent Manufacture will definitely blossom the most beautiful flowers and bear plenteous fruits with the joint efforts of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND and the cooperative partners!

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND made up of “Made in Internet”&“Made in World” will bring more surprises and value to friends and partners from all over the world; meanwhile, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex sincerely invite more dreamers, doers, elites for all walks of life to participate in this great innovative undertaking; excellence is here, where are you? “CWMALLS® = Made in Internet + Made in World”.

Where there is a will, there is a way, breaking the caldrons and sinking the boats after crossing, the one hundred and twenty customs barriers of Qin State will belong to Chu State finally;
Heaven helps those who help themselves, enduring present hardships to revive, the three thousand soldiers of Yue State are able to annex Wu State.