Value is the monument, is the recognition from the society;
Value is the meaning, is an ultimate attitude to the dream;

The value of CWMALLS: security, fairness, freedom and sustainability;
The value of CWMALLS COMMODITY: standard, unification, ecology, future;

This is a beginning for self-evaluation, and more of a regression of rationality; perfect origin also interprets the meaning of everything we do in a persistent attitude, make it curdle and form values; horizontal basic environment and longitudinal personal potential are under the catalytic of dreams and missions, and the coordinates of the value will define everything for you; this is the choice of CWMALLS people, and the path of CWMALLS team, and the equation of CWMALLS complex, using the value and making it our vernier caliper and standard, company us all the way of growing, and finally bring more true values to society, human beings and the world, this is our attitude, and this is just our meaning!

“The value of CWMALLS” is a great proposition with solid meanings, just the stars in the night which are always shining to present an exuberant picture full of hopes and dreams; secure, fair, free and sustainable value of CWMALLS will light up the mission road to the future as our core value, and it will accompany us every spring, summer, fall and winter; we adhere to and stick to the constant perfection of self sublimation, we always keep our loyalty to dreams and missions, “unique” brand is the best witness to the value of CWMALLS, it thrives, it starts a prairie fire with little spark, it is choked up with emotions, it is set on fire, it is growing vigorously, to cultivate, extract and purify the value belongs to you, him, her, it, me, human beings, the society and future, and scientific development and big love value make secure, fair and free human environment, social environment, natural environment have an effective sustainable development; creative spirit and risk attitude also make the value of CWMALLS become a flesh and blood with a soul, and from its unique value chain and become a ladder; this is not a metaphysical paean, but a diligent pursuit of truth; this is a perfect start, and more of a cultivation of the soul, playing the strings of sharing to make happiness, felicity and achievements around you, and accompany you all the way!

“The value of CWMALLS COMMODITY” is a feeling of idealism, the strength of realism, a dreamy pursuit, a hardheaded implementation, and a story with ups and downs, which play the value song of CWMALLS COMMODITY; this is a brand new start, this is a great time, this is the golden section ratio of practice, implementation, standardization, unification and ecologization, and more of the great wind gap to create, build and manufacture the future; speaking with strength, proving with action to test every value concept belongs to CWMALLS COMMODITY; this is a new start to challenge ourselves, innovate and upgrade, and serve the public, and more of the N power of insisting on originality, respecting innovation, cooperation and sharing; formed up by technology sense, artistry and intelligence, CWMALLS COMMODITY will plan and enjoy everything with the digitized core value! At the same time, value maximization concept also has a full decomposition of sublimation, discarding the dross while assimilating the essence will make every originality, work, product and commodity of CWMALLS COMMODITY really become the value model; green concept, environmental protection concept, ecology concept, pure nature concept, future concept are all the basic elements of the value of CWMALLS COMMODITY, as well as the basic standards to establish the value of CWMALLS COMMIDITY; this is a beautiful scenery in the internet age, and an example in the mobile sharing trend; the value of CWMALLS COMMODITY will be inherited and immortalized in the historical trend. Uncommon attitudes determine the extraordinary results, on the way for the dream and mission!

“Value” is the origin, can be big or small, condensing essence;
“Value” is the core, connecting past and present, coming down in one continuous line;


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE