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"Bags" "Handbags" "Cwmalls Bags" officially open the 2015 new of global online shopping model; private, business, catwalk, casual is the main design concepts which are complete pictured in our Men's, Women's Bags series; elegant, classic, vintage is the design elements of the fashion innovative construction, so that you can find the  spirituality and texture of every bag! Handmade, original material, colorful printed, embossed patterns make the desire to own it instantly, innovative experience, top service-oriented new online shopping life, so that we truly experience the strength of Cwmalls Commodity; the quality life starts from Cwmalls Bags! Stay tuned!

"Cwmalls Bags" is the core of the colorful life we built, with its unique features, carried the mission for our work, life, travel, date, and so on activities, it's another hand of you, the mobile  version of "strongbox",universal"treasure chest" ; especially in our main promoted Backpack series, Briefcases series, Hobo Bags series, Business Bags series and Satchel Bags series, Shoulder Bags series, embodied its distinctive, expressed the emotions as it truly embodies that "Bags" are the another you! This is not a story, it is a masterpiece of human and nature; this is not a illusion, which is the start of being a lead role of our lives; to this end, our design department cooperate with century-old brand and century-old studios from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and other countries; in order to let everyone have a more ease,confident, wonderful life with backpacks! Welcome everyone's attention and to experience it!

"Cwmalls Handbags" is our dream to create a new global integration; "Cooperate Design", "Cooperate innovation", "Cooperate manufacturing" will be officially implemented in our new Cwmalls Handbags series are the concepts of a new global standard ; set the new standard of style, feeling, pluralism. limited and other features for your quality life; Message Bags series, Crossbody Bags series, Clutch Bags series are being the most dazzling stars with their own unique charm in 2015; welcome business people, modern ladies , fashionaist, opinion leaders to pay active interest in this new product! To this end, we Cwmalls people are forge ahead, 101% accountability, 100% green standards system with every detail, every process, every piece of leather, every lining ; this is the limitation, this is a challenge; every breakthrough is the beginning of classic; we believe that by working, learning, communicationwith professionals all over the world, and with the active interest and feedbacks from our new and old customers, we Cwmalls people can create, design more "CWMALLS BAGS" for you! Brand promise, starts from Cwmals Commodity! Always welcome the valuable comments, suggestions to us , and we believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, Cwmalls will create more surprises and value for everyone!

“Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY
"Cwmalls Bags" is a shadow, is a secret, is a memory, is a treasure, is ......


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