This is a perfect upgrade, in the research and development, design, manufacture, sale, service and other aspects, everywhere shows the texture brought by innovation!
This is a self-transformation, in the technology, product, promotion, brand, management and other aspects, everything represents the achievement brought by struggle!

“Patented Product” is the respect and sublimation to knowledge;
“Custom Made” is the deepening and pursuit of service;

Every day in 2018, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex provide premium products and services to you on a global scale!
Every day in 2018, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND practice the absolute loyalty to dream and mission with practical action!

That’s what we are, it used to be so, it’s still the same, and it will keep the same in the future; preserving and keeping pace with the times, we make all the patented product and custom made become more meaningful and valuable via “CWSVE” ecological standard, and form a virtuous circle to do more demonstrations of creating a stable, sustainable globalized and networked philosophy! Meanwhile, we make CWMALLS Standard, CWMALLS Speed, CWMALLS Science and Technology, CWMALLS Service, CWMALLS Attitude truly become the spokesperson of the personalized, liberalized, fragmented online sharing, shopping and living via horizontal sharing and vertical deepening! Little steps make a thousand miles, no small streams make the sea; CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Networked Factory accumulate the sand to form a pagoda and unify the standards to make global economic integration, networking and marketization become the model of “E-WTO”! As the supporter of value investing, the witness of innovation coming first and the participant of cooperation and sharing, CWMALLS®, CWMALLS COMMODITY™ is sharing everything with you in its own way!

“Patented Product” is a super witness of achievement transformation, also a real sharing revolution, its unique internet gene will show you “CWMALLS Networked Patented Product” (secondary and tertiary upgrade of worldwide related patents) after world-class mix and transformation; such as CWMALLS® Sheepskin Coat Series, CWMALLS® 2in1 Multifunctional Coats Series, they are both the complex of Community Design Patent of European Union and US Design Patents, whether for the functions and characteristics of constant temperature, constant humidity, breathable, explosion-proof, etc., or the design requirements of appearance, craftsmanship, structure, material, etc., it can be shared, experienced by you as a “mixed-blood” or “new species”! At the same time, it is also the core value of the technological CWMALLS; therefore, CWMALLS R&D team, design team and product team carry out big integration, big excavation and big alliance on a global scale, make cross-border innovation and cooperation again, activate more technological elements, fashion elements and environmental elements to let “CWMALLS Patented Product” become the genuine industry pacesetter and model! Similarly, we encourage, welcome more inventors, innovators and dreamers to stay true to the original aspiration and strengthen cooperation to contribute more to the marketization, sharing, persistence of the patented product as usual! CWMALLS is wonderful with you! The world is more wonderful with us!

“Custom Made” is a service standard, also a sharing standard; it takes personalization, professionalization, liberalization and perfection as the core and provides high quality user experience to all of you continuously! Depending on its own capacity and strength, “CWMALLS Custom Made” is displayed and exposed by social interaction, word of mouth, celebrity endorsement, web recommendation and other tools, and carries out localized services via CWMALLS three operating centers (CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center, CWMALLS North American Operating Center)! For example, we provide global custom made service (whether tall or short, fat or thin, or the middle-aged and elderly, without discrimination, without charging extra fee) to CWMALLS Leather Jackets Series, CWMALLS Leather Backpack Series, CWMALLS Leather Dress Shoes Series, some countries and regions are additionally provided 48-hour delivery service, off-site delivery service, one-to-one VIP service, etc.; thus CWMALLS operation team and management team make the custom made service more different by the fast, efficient, transparent standardized execution (365-day × 24-hour uninterrupted online service); this is the super witness of people oriented, taking innovation as the root and taking science as the core; CWMALLS elite team overcomes difficulties and continues to create more surprises and value for you with the online shopping experience standard “SBUS”! “Custom Made” is a life attitude, “CWMALLS Custom Made” is a spiritual pursuit! Extraordinary is here, where are you?

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Growing, Sharing Series — “Patented Product + Custom Made” is a flag, also an attitude, which explains the new definition of cooperation and sharing in the networked, globalized era with full positive energy and humanization; respecting innovation, illuminating the future, serving the public, we try to make every effort pay, make every effort count and make every result blossom; a reasonable value ecosystem is the basic guarantee of the stable, sustainable development; “Patented Product + Custom Made” is the only standard to test truth! Welcome to take part in and pay attention to it together! Thank you!

Making cooperation and sharing patented, 1+1>2.
Making quality life customized, 1+1<2.