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Part Four: Marketing Theory Structure, Model
64. Alliance Marketing: also referred to as alliance network marketing. It is a network marketing method paid by marketing effects, that is, a new network marketing method that a merchant expands its offline and online services by using a network alliance service provided by a professional alliance marketing institution to expand the sales space and sales channels, and it is paid according to the actual marketing effects.

65. Search Bidding Alliance: It is an advertising alliance established with the development of search engine websites such as Google, Bing and so on, by taking search engine application as the core, taking the organizers as search engine service providers, and paying a certain proportion of division fee to the alliance websites with CPC.

66. PPC Advertising: It is pay-per click advertising in a charging manner of starting price + clicks *cost per click.

67. CPA Advertising: It charges by actual advertising effects, i.e. by answered valid questionnaires or orders, and there is no limit on the advertising volume.

68. CPT advertising: also referred to as cost per transaction. It is a charging method by each order/each transaction.

69. CPS Advertising: i.e. cost per sales. It calculates advertising cost according to the actual sales volume.

70. Email Direct Marketing (EDM): It is a mail marketing method that an enterprise sends EDM mails to targeted customers to establish one-to-one targeted customer communication channels, and directly convey relevant information to the customers for promoting sales.

71. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): It is a management platform built on the basis of information technology and it offers decision running means to the enterprise decision-making level and staff with a systematic management idea.

72. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a CRM system is a means for improving customer satisfaction and thus improving enterprise competiveness by deeply analyzing the details of customers.

73. Word-of-Mouth Transmission: It is an informal interpersonal communication method between non-commercial transmitters and acceptors with perceptual information regarding a certain product, brand, organization and service. 

74. Butterfly Effect: It refers to that a small change in the initial condition brings about long-term and huge chain reaction of the entire system in a dynamic system. In marketing concept, small marketing behaviors, with proper guidance, can produce sensational marketing or advertising effects after some period of efforts and amplification.

75. Virus Marketing: It uses the principle of user word-of-mouth transmission, on the internet, such “word-of-mouth transmission” is more convenient, and it will spread rapidly like virus, therefore virus marketing has become an efficient method for information dissemination.

76. Event Marketing: It refers to a means and method that an enterprise plans, organizes and utilizes some person or event with news values, social influence and celebrity effects to attract the interest and attention of media, social groups and customers so as to improve the popularity and reputation of the enterprise or its products, and to establish a good brand image and finally to promote the sales of products or services.

77. Corporate Public Relations (CPR): It refers to the public relations that an enterprise has to confront with and deal with during the production and commercial activities.

78. Price Comparison Website: It is a platform that offers netizens price comparison service in various regions, and by accurate product description, quotation, product features, product evaluation, it will make customers precisely target favorite products.

79. Price Comparison Shopping: It is a consumer shopping behavior that occurred by the price ratio marketing between products.

80. Enterprise Yellow Page: It is a display platform for online information services that provides enterprise information query and business opportunity publication. Based on the traditional printed yellow pages, it extends the advantages of detailed classifications and rich contents, makes up the defects of restricted region, long cycle, being hard to modify the information, the small capacity of information and so on, and it takes the advantages of large portal website’s huge volume of traffic and shares its technological strength.

81. Classified Advertising: It is a form of advertising which makes the best of computer networks to scientifically classify a large scale of life utility information by theme, and to provide fast retrieval.

82. Regional Marketing: By setting a specific market, aiming at the targeted market’s competitions, combining local humanistic custom, it carries out enterprising and branding marketing in the whole region using marketing ideas and methods.

83. Wireless Network Marketing: It is mobile e-commerce, a general term for carrying out network marketing and e-commerce activities that target mobile phone user group and take mobile phone as the network terminal platform.

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