When the horn sounds again, we have already been the way to charge forward, we still have fires in heart with blazing flames!
When trouble comes again, we have already bee ready to press on, we are still persistent, rational, good learning and endeavor!

This is what we are – Cwmalls people! A group of unusual, frantic people that completely change ourselves, influence ourselves and change everything! A group of fighters to give up everything for the dream and the faith, we are loyal to the mission, we are dare to sacrifice! We are always touched by ourselves, and we are proud of ourselves! Excellent blossom: it is a prize when you try your best for it!

History and philosophy build our metaphysics, sensibility and rationality makes we CWMALLS COMMODITY! It is what it was yesterday, what it is today and what it will be in the future! We respect nature and science, we also show respect to our dream, it is the best gift from God! We will share with you! At the same time, let unique us strive for our unique future and create a wonderful tomorrow really belongs to everyone!

Faith+Promotion+Implementation=The result wanted, it was our yesterday! Great Love+ Potential+Innovation=New Cwmalls Commodity, it is what we are today! “I am who I am” we are growing from constant change and innovation; “I am who I am” we continue to sail with the times! Depth makes us unique, width makes us solid and secure, our coordinate changes with the times, it shows the most beautiful curve! As the time goes, our career will bear the sweetest fruit to share with you! Let entrepreneurial road be full of positive energy, you will no longer be lonely! “I am who I am” we are willing to grow and share with you!

Cwmalls growing series: the “stories” record every stage that we go through, bitter or sweet, but it is unusual! It is not only filled with feelings, but also full of power, until we realize the dream! From passion to rationality to breakthrough, every cycle becomes the stair for us to ascend step by step; we are very unique, we can endure the loneliness and withstand the temptation; we are very unique, we are dare to think, to do and to bear; we are very unique, with the courage to fight and sacrifice! “I am who I am” it makes our uniqueness!

Growing and sharing continues, let earnest and practicality become the new symbol of “I am who I am”! Cwmalls is willing to share our growing concept and philosophy with you; to make “great love” become our new model and impetus to continuous sailing! Therefore we will devote ourselves to struggle for it!

“I am who I am” it is worth your attention! It existence will make you more wonderful!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge, and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY