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“Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor”, "Group Buy"are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

Warm congratulate to the grandly launch of Cwmalls Commodity 2015 autumn winter season original design and handmade shearling coats series in Europe, North America; this is the best effort of Cwmalls people; it is original co-work with the original enthusiasts all over the world; it is the brainchild of trend and vintage, it is a combination of fashion and technology; collect the featured elements around the world; the top original ecological materials, multi-structure design, exquisite hand sewn; let you, him and her truly become the main role of the harsh winter, experience the warmth and charm from Cwmalls; it is worth to own!

"Unusual", "2 in1", "Heavy Weight", "High-end" these kind keywords cannot interpret the true meaning of our Cwmalls design; material - the original ecology of the pure cowhide, sheepskin through 56 step process, make them soft, elastic, colorful, texture, skin-friendly, which is unusual start; process ——handmade cutting, sewing, after 108 steps, 9 stitching every inch requirements, truly make the perfect combination of mechanisms and processes, which is extraordinary feeling; service ——one to one personal 24-hour online service, all your questions, suggestions, will get a perfect solution during standardized operation process, really make you to feel like God! Design ——it is the core of Cwmalls Commodity, but also our innovative and sustainable fundamental to share to everyone, it is a steady flow of we turn more good works into products become commodities and share everything with you, really make you feel the design ability of Cwmalls team!

"Cwmalls Shearling Coats" series, are the basic styles we launched which are based on the feedbacks from consumers from different regions, countries, the design of  hooded style, trench coat style will make the Nordic consumers to experience the charm of shearling coat; Also being welcomed by consumers in the Alps region and the Great Lakes region; it’s a good choice for casual, outdoor, business, tourism, and even dating etc., it’s the best partner of romantic, warm love, affection, friendship; this is the direction we pursuit, truly bring surprise and joy from originality for everyone; for this reason, we Cwmalls people have dedicated into implementation of existing schemes, working on more innovative dreams, we can do better for everyone!

"Cwmalls Shearling Jackets" series is the eternal youth, it’s the continuation of passion; simple, capable, slim fit, build the youth school, fashion school up, make your online shopping life, sharing life becomes much more  arrogance; personality, freedom, individuality, wild is the absolute soul of our shearling jackets series; for this reason we have launched a series of styles for you to choose, hope motorcycle enthusiasts, fashion people and network opinion leader fall over the world could pay positive attention to this good news! Cwmalls will make you burst out of to be a hero in this cold 2015 winter! Welcome everyone to experience, share the new products of our shearling jackets series, Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your attention and participation!

Note: Cwmalls 3000 a hundred days war recommended series, now it officially opened the prelude of our continued innovation, sharing; we Cwmalls team will offer 101% super service and 102% of new surprises products in the coming days, to thank our new and old customers for the support and love; let us create more value and do better for you!

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