Everybody likes taking about innovation, but in fact innovation is a kind of responsibility, accountability, ability, and also a kind of cost; the first ability for innovator is living ability and resisting ability. The key to owing the innovative ability to innovate continuously, is the innovation of environment and system, while system innovation needs to redistribute the current gained interest group, it is the challenge to today’s successful people, and the sensitive reaction to surrounding environment, be unique and different.

What innovator needs most is coming across a "lucky" environment at a lucky time, and carrying out fast at a time; but sometimes it’s a pity that the innovator is either strangled before success, or being hated after success; innovator will die but innovation will never die!

Great innovation is a kind of productivity, it needs better productive relations! Innovation is the beginning to change our status, no matter how it is now or how it will be future, you should walk on bravely and you will be more wonderful because of innovation!

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