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"Original Design" “Made to Order”, “Personal Tailor” are all in CWMALLS Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series!

Challenge ourselves, skip to stand; insist on dreams, create brilliant achievements; fight heroically, epoch-making; cut off all means of retreat, agitated in mind;  this is the spirit, courage and attitude of Cwmalls people; there is no turning back, Cwmalls team will face every difficulty and challenge with a more positive and initiative attitude, and never stop; this is our own choice and decision, this is our faith to dream and mission; without joy and happiness , we are only companied by the wonderful sound for taping keyboard, this is the symphony for the power of dream and competitive spirit; this is a new song of triumph of reality and passion; I am who I am, prove everything of us with practical action! The journey of the second season of our hundred-day day will be more cruel and wonderful! We are all ready for another growing trip from hell to heaven ; the wonderful in here, the scenery is in Cwmalls! Look forward to creating miracle!

“Safety” , “Stability”, “Speediness”, “Convenience” are basic requirements for us to create the new standard of online shopping; “Concentration”, “Specialty” “Service”, “Experience” are the basic elements for our growing; with fearless spirit, CWMALLS COMMODITY will keep up the good work to greet the second season; innovation becomes an eternal theme, learning becomes the example of rationality, implementation becomes the mate of target, doing everything with assiduity, move stealthily in fear and trembling all the way; cheer for our Cwmalls team, applaud for our Cwmalls people, it is our unity, efforts and endeavor that make the dream and mission from the minus, to zero and today, unusual; we create our own record, we refresh our own history; small but beautiful, small but delicate, forming up the product structure, to make us a beautiful scenery line in the new online shopping times! To provide your better service and to create more value! It is worth your attention and sharing!

The launch of “The Second Season of Cwmalls One-hundred Day War”, it stands for our beginning to ascend, and means that we officially go up on the stage; the gelid is no longer cold, the warmth is in Cwmalls, it will bloom into the most beautiful flower in the second season, the special flower season belongs to us; our high quality, featured, original new products: Sheepskin Coats series, Fur Coats series, Shearling Jackets series will show the most unique and charming self in the whole northern hemisphere(countries and districts such as The United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland and so on); this is the latest achievement of joint design, this is the latest masterpiece of joint innovation; we expect fashion insiders, celebrities, web celebrities, and personality gens in the northern hemisphere to pay great attention to this new product; for those who have special requirements, we will adhere to our consistent service concept, your request is our struggling direction, your satisfaction is our best wish; “custom made” “personal tailor” “group buy service” will add luster to your chilly winter life; we hope you can pay great attention to the second season of CWMALLS COMMODITY one-hundred day war; it will be more wonderful with action!

Note: Since the busy shopping season comes, and our order quantity increases rapidly; we hope general customers can timely check your email after you place the order, and keep your phone in touch, so that we can contact and communicate in time; we are really grateful for your support and favor all the time; under our unity and efforts, Cwmalls people believe that we will more surprises and create more values for you! Thanks for your companions all the way, it makes wonderful Cwmalls!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE