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Gratefulness makes us learn to cherish and become strong;
Gratefulness makes us remember the past, and look forward to the future;

In a special way, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2015 Annual Meeting Special Edition – Cwmalls Gratefulness has raised the curtain; we are grateful for the accompany by rain or shine, the consistent persistence, the sticking never leaves or forsakes, the courage to face the difficulty, and the cooperation with unity and efforts, and for the insistence, braveness, and good learning of every one of Cwmalls people, grateful for… is dream and mission that bring us together, it is responsibility and faith make us become more powerful; like-minded comrades, partners with same hobbies, like brothers and sisters, to make great contributions, lay the solid foundation and win people’s respects for CWMALLS COMMODITY’s yesterday, today and future; this is not the castle in the air, or a flash in the pan, this is the silent devotion and tireless pursuit of every one of Cwmalls people, it is the achievement that we can see and feel; the power of gratefulness is flowing in our blood, we remain unswervingly to pay everything for innovation, standard, perfection and sharing, we keep struggling for quality, brand, art and originality; we want to build and create our own history, and we want to build and produce our own standard, so that to make our contribution for the quality life and green dressing for you, him, and her; let’s wait and see Cwmalls people’s will, dream and mission!

With the theme of Cwmalls Gratefulness, 2015 CWMALLS COMMODITY Annual Meeting is another sublimation of our Cwmalls spirit and attitude; it is the rebirth through wind and rain, difficulties and setbacks; unusual will, dream and mission decides our past, present, and future; we will great all difficulties, challenges and overcome them in our special way as always; this is the concept and attitude that we form up in the past 4 anniversaries, we have suffered from triple trials and tribulations of spiritual, material and the flesh, so that to win our present achievements, people's respects and touching; it is gratefulness that gives us more power, and it accompanies our common growing; thanks for the great support and help from people from all walks of life; thanks for the pardon and understanding of general new and old customers; thank outstanding suppliers and suppliers all around the world; and thanks for the generous help of friends and Chinese both at home and abroad, thank lovely and respected Cwmalls people; especially assiduous Joyce, serious and pragmatic Momo, and hard working Daisy and so on, thank every one of Cwmalls people who are capable of evoking praises and tears, and worth the pride; let us perpetuate the gratitude and create more happiness, felicity and values! The year 2016 will be home court of CWMALLS COMMODITY! Look forward to your attention!

Gratefulness makes us develop and flourish, gratefulness makes us happy and felicific; with our unity and efforts, Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team, CWMALLS COMMODITY will keep running for performance and wonder! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your participation!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE