This is a sprinting without any suspense or accident, the mission must reach; this is our attitude.

This is a sprinting without any route of retreat or consequence, it keeps the same as usual; this is our spirit.


The sprinting of 2019 is sturdiness and soaring; it represents accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly.

The sprinting of 2020 is cyclone and surpassing; it coheres with flowering in spring and yielding fruit in autumn.


This is our sprinting, its difference is being distinctive;

This is our sprinting, its marvelousness is being extraordinary;


When “wind” becomes the supporting role of protagonist again, CWMALLS people have been on the way of sprinting; when “love” becomes the protagonist of screenplay again, CWMALLS people have been on the way of sublimation; it is a fighting for dream and honor; it is a blooming for responsibility and mission; the spirit of perseverance of CWMALLS people will bring super sensory experience and artistic enjoyment to you on the way of sprinting in 2019 and 2020! It is not only the witness of dream and mission, which witnessed spring, summer, autumn and winter one after another, but also the endorsement of attitude and spirit, which endorsed sour, sweet, bitter and hot one by one! Only in the process of sprinting can we make goal and plan become paeans! This is the choice and confession of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2019 Growing, Sharing Series — “Sprinting”! Welcome everyone to pay attention and share persistently!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: this is a multiple test of psychology, physiology, wisdom and ability, also the super combination of product, market, management and culture; everything takes goal and plan as the core, everything takes result and performance as the standard, we go ahead, break through, and sprint to success on the track of time in order to show that CWMALLS people always keep the absolute loyalty to dream and mission, and always keep the uniqueness of absolute execution of goals and plans! Whether for every day, every season of 2019, or every minute, every second of 2020, the sprinting of CWMALLS people will be spent in tempest, and sublimated in severe training and hammering, we will also fully implement the independent cooperation of the three global operating centers, implement six bases’ crossed expansion to finally create all the conditions for listing on Nasdaq in 2020; especially the aspects of talent (200 CWMALLS people around the world), product (over 20,000 patented products), market share ($200 million in annual sales) must be accomplished so that the sprinting of CWMALLS people can be meaningful, valuable and have future, sustainability!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: it is the release of past, sublimation of the present and respect of the future; from the original jogging and running after others to the present fast running and sprinting, the willpower and loyalty index of CWMALLS people have become the industry model without doubt; since 2012 daily “critical point”-like work and life have formed our special feelings and strengths, and made every CWMALLS people form cross-border, time transgressive genetic structure; especially in the networked, internationalized era, the sprinting of CWMALLS people not only needs to brave the wind and the waves, keep pace with the times, but also needs to cut off all means of retreat and forge ahead, to give ourselves an account, give the future an account; only on the axis of time, on the way of chasing the dream can we be united and pull together to make wind become our booster to accomplish each goal and plan successfully, and finally realize all the commitments of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; meanwhile, we will realize the rising of CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Networked Factory and “Dual Brand Strategy”, “CWSVE”, “SUC”, “CWPP”, “E-WTO”, “SBUS” and other related projects to make the relationship between “red flower” and “green leaf” become more beautiful in sprinting!


The sprinting of CWMALLS people: it is the catalyst of overall blossoming (Information Flow, Goods Flow, Capital Flow, Talent Flow) as well as the witness of countless rich fruits (CWMALLS, MWE FUND, SVE NEWS, CWMALLS COLLEGE); it sometimes excavates, integrates vertically and horizontally, sometimes connects the past with the future, sometimes goes all out to break through, in a word, in the multi-dimensional assessment of efficiency, speed, time and management, the sprinting of CWMALLS people will be a super scenery line in global sharing and cooperation; it has too much impossibility, too much inconceivability, too much sudden… but finally becomes involuntary! The common sprinting of CWMALLS people in 27 countries and regions in the world will surely let CWMALLS®, WWW.CWMALLS.COM become a part of the world; meanwhile, it will become the evergreen in the technology field, art field and patent field, as well as the founder of standardization, valued and ecologicalization! The future has come, the joint sprinting of CWMALLS people is each other’s trust, mutual respect and perfect crystal! Welcome worldwide friends and partners in all walks of life to cry out and cheer for us! Thanks!


Our sprinting: 2019, 2020… it is a fighting for dream and honor; it is a blooming for responsibility and mission; this is the respect of perseverance and great, lofty ideals; this is the practice of the courage to be determined and the confidence to overcome everything! Action makes everything possible, sprinting makes plans successful! This is the story of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex! A good performance is better than a good play; doing well is better than acting well; we witness, verify everything belonging to the future and ourselves with ability and strength! Let’s share and encourage together!


CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS people.




February 23, 2019