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Part Two: Marketing Theory Structure, Model
21.Network Advertising: it is a high-tech advertising operation method that posts or publishes ads on the Internet, and delivers them to internet users over the network by using ad banners, text links and multimedia of websites.

22.Banner Advertising: a banner ad is an image file established in the form of GIF, JPG, Flash and so on, located in a webpage for showing ad content, and at the same time it can perform interaction by using Java language and so on and enhance the expressive force of the ads with plug-in tools such as Shockwave and so on.

23.Text Link Advertising: in the form of simple words or phrases, it is a text ad that enters the corresponding advertising page with a direct click.

24.Advertising Alliance: i.e., network advertising alliance, also known as alliance marketing, which refers to forming an alliance with medium and small network media resources (also referred to as alliance members, such as medium and small websites, personal websites, WAP sites and so on) and helping advertisers run ads through an alliance platform.

25.Pop-up Advertising: it is a marketing mode that attracts readers directly to relevant websites by automatically popping up a very small dialogue ad when people browse a certain webpage.

26.CPC Advertising: cost per click, means the cost for each click.

27.Discussion Group: it refers to an online user group with the same interests and communicating by mailing lists, news group, IRC channels and so on.

28.BBS: i.e., Bulletin Board System, it refers to the platform used by people to propagate, obtain, exchange and share information.

29.Chat Room: it refers to a software platform which enables multi-users to have online voice communication simultaneously.

30.Online Survey: which refers to making traditional surveys online and intelligent by the Internet and its survey systems, and it includes three parts: customer, survey system and population participation.

31.Microblog Marketing: a microblog is a blog form allowing users to timely update short texts (generally less than 200 characters) which can be published openly as well, and with the popularization of microblogs, a relevant marketing method is produced, that is, microblog marketing.

32.Podcast Marketing: it is a network marketing behavior that an enterprise makes and shares relevant audio media related to its products or services by means of publishing files on the Internet and allowing users to subscribe to feed so as to receive new files automatically.

33.Vertical Search: A professional search engine aimed at a certain industry, and it is a subdivision and extension of search engines, as well as an integration of some kind of special information to web page base, directionally splitting words to extract required data for processing, and return to the user’s engine in some form.

34.Green Marketing: It is a marketing idea, marketing method and marketing strategy with customer’s green consumption being the center and starting point, and during the production and operation process, the enterprise will compose, design, manufacture and sell products and services by unifying enterprise interests, consumer interests and environmental protection interests together.

35.Differential Marketing: Facing the market segmentation, the enterprise chooses two or more subsidiary markets as its targeted markets, and offers specific products, services and corresponding marketing measures to every subsidiary market separately.

36.Culture Marketing: Under the influence of enterprise core values, business marketers and related personnel form a marketing concept and build a marketing image, and they become a kind of marketing mode in the process of specific market operation.

37.Facebook: the biggest social service website in the world, it was launched on February 4, 2004, and it is now becoming the third biggest website in the world to catch up with Yahoo!, and it has more than 1 billion active users in the world.

38.Twitter: a foreign social network and microblog website, it achieves instant communications by using wireless networks, wired networks and communication technologies, and it is a typical application of microblog marketing.

39.YouTube: a video sharing website founded in America, it allows users to upload, view and share video clips, and it has become an outstanding website among the same kind of websites in the world, and has created many online celebrities and inspired online creations.

40.Wikipedia: a free and open encyclopedia cooperation plan with participants from all over the world.

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