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World creation new products starts from Cwmalls! This is a model of bold innovation, and more the quintessence of original design; Cwmalls Leather Down Jackets series renounces the world splendidly, it creates countless surprises and honors; this is the glory of Cwmalls design team, and also the masterpiece of Cwmalls research and development team, and more the good news for global customers; Cwmalls people is willing to share the unique design, develop, and manufacture processes of workmanship with you, and we expected you to put forward your precious advice and suggestions timely, so that to make our innovation more valuable! Look forward to your attention!

“Cwmalls Down Jacket’ is the achievement of our joint innovation; ecological calfskin leather, sheepskin leather and goatskin leather, 90% white goose down or 90% grey duck down, four-layer lining design, various colors match slimming design or 3D design, business style, casual style, sports style, individual and unique diamond, rectangle, quilted, embroidered design, showing the essence of a heaven-made match every where; this is a revolution of traditional Down Jacket; with the same function features such as breathability, water proof, warmth and convenience, different texture, contents, taste and intelligence; pure handmade, what concentrated is feeling, innovative design, what shown is great love, this is the contents Cwmalls people’s innovation! To make unique people like you really enjoy the caring and love from Cwmalls pure handmade, experience the extraordinary, feel the future!

“Cwmalls Down Jacket” also shoulder the mission of Cwmalls people; this is achievement of standardization in joint design and joint production; top designers in Italy, France, the UK, material from Turkey, Denmark and Spain, workmanships in China, Japan, and Germany, all have enough highlight in all products of our Leather Down Coats series, worth your attention and owning; the world shopping mall, the world masterpiece “CWMALLS COMMODITY”; therefore, we carry out standard authentication (ISO) in all aspects, meanwhile we cooperate with more Fortune Global 500 professional companies, to continually share and experience the latest achievements and products with you through our common research and development! CWMALLS COMMODITY: standard, guarantee and promise, Cwmalls team: backbone, dedication, love; only in this way, Cwmalls people, with more O2O cooperative partners, investment partners and the elites from all walks of life, run about madly for our dream and mission! We don’t want to prove anything, we just want you to remember even after many years! With Cwmalls, happy forever!

“Cwmalls Leather Down Jackets” is the expectation, is the attention, is the innovative experience; hope more fashion insiders, web celebrities in Europe can pay active attention to this new product, and we also expect trendy guy, trendy girl, celebrities, movie stars, singers in North America to note this great news! Cwmalls people are willing to share dribs and drabs on our way of pioneering and innovation! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with your attention and participation!

Cwmalls team will keep absolute loyalty to dream and mission!

“Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY
“Cwmalls Leather Down Jacket” welcome you to cheer and pay for innovation!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE