There is no turning back, it is the dream let us go bravely all the way;
The eagle without feet, it is the mission gives us endless power;

CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Drawing Sword Action First Season – “Anticipation” officially opens the prelude for CWMALLS people to continually challenge the unknown, and study hard; solid foundation and standardized operation will be our core requirements, and convoy the 2016 Drawing Sword Action First Season – “Anticipation”; unity makes us stronger, cooperation makes us become more passionate, clear direction and specific target are the new example for us to realize the Cwmalls dream and mission; this is a self practice and self extraction, the natural law of survival of the fittest and the brave wins will be our new model to forge ahead with determination; everything should be in constant change, with static braking, step by step, and within our capabilities! This is the “anticipation”!

“Anticipation” is rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength, dooming to death and beyond; this is a bear, also a declaration of responsibility; getting refined internally and externally, accumulating strength; this is the rhythm of growth, and more of the paean choked up with emotions; heart and soul, dedicated, working more and talking less; in depth deliberation, finally make our “anticipation” strategy become the guarantee for Cwmalls to take off continually; This is the combination of will and spirit, and the inspiration to endure; integrating all resources for breakthrough in stages and steps, make the charge on a roll, make action brave and powerful as giant waves; this is our spirit and attitude, this is our intellectual pursuit, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Drawing Sword Action First Season – “Anticipation” will practice the moment of victory with unfearing inner accomplishment; make our giving like a blooming flower, and let all our projects bloom perfectly; Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will play the song of triumph with our own special way, make our “drawing sword action” become our real focus and main part in 2016; we dare to speak and to do, we are very happy!

The drawing sword action with the concept of low-profile action and high-profile executive force, this “anticipation” is a beginning for retreating in order to advance, and the reveal of enduring hardships to accomplish our ambitions; dream gives us everything, accomplishment makes our everything; experience makes us become more freely, study makes us become more powerful; we are filled with passion every minute and every second, we make every cell and molecular dynamic; act for direction, fight for target, this is a low profile and high-profile symphony, and the paean of charging forward; consistent attitude and eternal love will our core value of the 2016 drawing sword action; it carries all, intertwined with difficulties, challenges, passive and active, to extract the special charm and strength of Cwmalls people, Cwmalls team and CWMALLS COMMODITY; also the flag of CWMALLS COMMODITY 2016 Drawing Sword Action First Season – “Anticipation” will show its most exciting part in our global cooperative partners, enthusiasts, and the elites from all walks of life who care, support and help us; welcome to join us and share everything of us! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you attention!

“Anticipation” is a different sort of unity and cooperation, a great powers as God;
“Anticipation” is a reproduction of strategy and tactic, spirit of prajna;
“Anticipation” is……


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE