Science and technology is the quintessence of human wisdom,
Science and technology is the ladder of the progress of society;

CWMALLS science and technology: the symphony of dream and mission,
CWMALLS science and technology: the march of innovation and development;

This is an unprecedented of science and technology movement conference, and more of a ubiquitous perfect storm of science and technology; the innovation horn has sounded, execution standard has been open, with special quality and attitude, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex make the DNA of technology elements become our theme of growing and development; fission and optimization combination, this science and technology innovation will make “CWMALLS Science and Technology” become the spokesman of liberalization, networking, sharing, greenization, environmental protection and public welfare; this is a disruptive innovation from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and more of a solid execution from the point to the line, and to the surface, make molecules, atoms, protons and quarks of science and technology……formally become the only organization structure of “CWMALLS Science and Technology”, its uniqueness is to be different in every way!

“CWMALLS Science and Technology” is the latest witness of our overall innovative upgrade in 2016, it takes science and technology making life more wonderful as its own mission, and it takes science and technology making the future healthier as the criterion, so that to carry out revolution action; with the basis of originality, patents, science and intelligence, “CWMALLS Science and Technology” will become a flag in the global integrative internet sharing age; therefore, we carry out grand transverse alliance, and vertical discovery activity, standing in the perspective of history and philosophy angle, we have innovative upgrade bit by bit, and strive to make every originality and inspiration turn into achievement technology mean for you to share and experience; “CWMALLS Science and Technology” has focused the latest technical essence such as 4.0 in industry, object network, cloud computing, big data, 3D technology, intelligent robot, mobile internet and so on, to make CWMALLS COMMODITY really become the new coordinate and model of technology, standardization, value and ecology; this is power and charm of science and technology, “CWMALLS Science and Technology” looks forward to sharing more with you and creating more values for you!

“CWMALLS Science and Technology” is the “moisture ridge” on our way of growing, it will open up the comprehensive upgrade for thoroughly remolding us by joint innovation and continuous innovation; brand new standard, perspective and experience form up “CWMALLS Science and Technology”, it shoulder epic responsibility; rigorous, scientific, rational, pragmatic working attitude, passion, dream, dedicated, innovative spirit of scientific research, they inject “CWMALLS Science and Technology” with infinite vitality and vigor, also lay a firm foundation for the sustainable development of human society in the same way; green travel, low-carbon lifestyle, cyclic development and exploring spirit dare to try, labeling “CWMALLS Science and Technology” with “dream” and “mission”, this is the future of “great” CWMALLS, and the root of “small” CWMALLS, with responsibility in business, pursuing the excellence, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex has injected strong and eternal vitality and power for today, tomorrow and the future of “CWMALLS Science and Technology”; we will let “CWMALLS Science and Technology” really make contributions for the sustainable development of the world and human beings, le’s wait and see this extraordinary start together! CWMALLS will be more wonderful and beautiful with your common attention, participation and support!

“CWMALLS Science and Technology” opens up the new mod of innovative development, sustainable development and realizing dreams!
“CWMALLS Science and Technology” is the beginning of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY’s decision, change, upgrade!


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS PEOPLE