“Thanksgiving” is the feelings and mission of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex;
“Thanksgiving” is the true love and future of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND;

The yearly Thanksgiving is just like the tree ring which bears the gratitude to the past and the outlook for the future;
The yearly Thanksgiving is just like the warm sunshine which lights up the full memories and the warm grateful heart;

In this way, on this special day, you, I, he, she and it make a perfect interpretation of past, present and future with a grateful and longing heart; everything takes action as standard and takes sincerity as basis, lighting the raging fire of love of CWMALLS 2017 Thanksgiving, making love passed on and spread; themes of care, mutual help, sharing and gratitude will burst forth the warmest and happiest instinct on this special day; feelings are the civilization of sensibility, mission is the journey of reason, true love is the art of gratitude and future is the annotation of sharing! Let’s heart to heart, hand in hand pay attention to and participate in 2017 Thanksgiving!

“CWMALLS Thanksgiving” is a globalized feast of true love, gratitude and sharing in the center of the Internet; it transcends all the ideologies, races, cultures and national boundaries, only leaves perfection, true love and care; it coheres the power of nature, bursts forth the dream of feelings and takes humanity, art, philosophy, history as coordinate and caliper, it makes an example, making “CWMALLS Thanksgiving” become a networked, globalized international festival; this is the latest masterpiece of globalization, also the good witness of people oriented! Little help brings much return, when you drink water, think of those who dug the well, only we know how to be grateful can we own true love, whether in the past, present and future, it's all in one line and the same track; we must follow the rules of nature and instinct, we must inherit and carry forward its special connotations and make everything become more viable, meaningful and valuable! Rational return, sentiment sublimation, mutual help and sharing, making love spread are also the duties and missions of every Internet dweller, which represents a kind of attitude and feelings; don't forget the root and the origin, stay true to the mission and know how to be grateful, you will be the best!

“CWMALLS Thanksgiving” is a networked, universal cultural tour, also a globalized, free care delivery; silence is better than cry, which is the human instinct; it moistens things silently, which is the result of heart and soul; now as network and traffic are developed, maybe a greeting, a blessing, a reunion and a thank will represent heart of care and gratitude; love doesn’t need any reason, it is an attitude and a quality; gratitude doesn’t seek to pay back, it is a culture and a realm; sublimating soul, helping and loving each other, love is boundless, wherever and whenever it is, you are the director of action and the protagonist of execution; the world is wonderful due to love, we have affection first and then faith, let’s make 2017 CWMALLS Thanksgiving made up of every drop of care and help! Excellence is here, where are you? Every day is Thanksgiving, it’s the bond of emotion; every day is Thanksgiving, it’s the stage of care; CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex will share everything of 2017 Thanksgiving with you, him, her and it together! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your common attention and participation!

Knowing how to be grateful is a happy thing!
Passing on gratitude is a great and lofty thing!
Sublimating gratitude is a thing of boundless love!