A hundred days to change the destiny, 
A hundred days to realize the value,
We have blew the horn for the charge;

A hundred days to bloom,
A hundred days to harvest, 
We have made full preparations to greet it; 

“The Hundred-Day War” is program of action, let’s go forward bravely!
“The Hundred-Day War” is decision and attitude, let’s wait and see!
Cwmalls people are coming, Cwmalls begins!

2015 Cwmalls growing series - “The Hundred-Day War” has blew the horn for the charge, sonorous and furious, with his specific spirit and attitude, he describes the magnificent mountains and rivers, with his typical adamancy and braveness, he practices the great ambitions; It is not an accident, it is inevitable, it is the dream and mission of all Cwmalls people; with the courage and spirit, we will not afraid of the difficulties and sacrifice, and greet every challenge, we will continue to write our glory, create our history, realize our value of existence and share with others! Cwmalls people are acting!

Implementation is the theme of “The Hundred-Day War”, innovation is our new edge tool, this is our status; we Cwmalls people will catch every chance, take advantage of every condition, in these one hundred days, we will blossom out our elegant demeanor in the established orbit! Really realize the natural laws just as spring ploughing, summer seeding, autumn harvesting, winter storing, we keep fearless spirit, with an earnest and practical attitude, to make every minute and every second of this hundred days be one and another achievement and rich fruit through our hearts, minds and hands; at the same time, we will sublimate the experience and meaning in “The Hundred-Day War” by learning, communication and interaction, we Cwmalls people are willing to share everything extraordinary with the whole world! We are very happy!

2015 Cwmalls growing series - “The Hundred-Day War” has opened up, this is the challenge to everyone in Cwmalls, this is the challenge to every cooperative partner, this is especially the challenge to chase our dream persistently; we believe everyone in CWMALLS will create and show his value and talent, and go beyond himself in his own position, we believe under this premise of unified direction and target, every cooperative partner will make “The Hundred-Day War” become the focus and achieve what we wish; we are a new-type of fleetwar, with our collaborative efforts, we expect to continue to build the glory in this hundred of days! Let’s heart to heart, hand in hand, to play the song of victory in this hundred of days! We should bear the loneliness and withstand the temptation, we should cherish and be rational, and we should also be body-pulsing and brave to achieve this great business! We have been acting!

“The Hundred-Day War” let’s wait and see; “The Hundred-Day War” is an official call to arms, we will be more wonderful with your attention and participation!
“Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS COMMODITY


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY