When the horn blew again, we are on the way to run;
When the chance comes again; we are on the way to charge;

In this way; I, we, we Cwmalls people are taking our own actions to change, to innovate, to charge of our own responsibility and mission; the way history is recorded changes with rings daily, monthly, yearly - we have grown slowly; charge with a drastic manner to the stairs again and again - we are already stronger; ridicule, contempt became the boosters of our leap forward, innovation, charging has become our weapons to rewrite a new history; we never changed, wavered, we always keep the faith, loyalty  to dreams, we consistently maintain the awe of mission, innovation; only this gene structure could make us stronger, make us do better! We believe in ourselves!

In this way; Cwmalls people step on the charge chariot again, and to open up the territory belongs to us again, and to build up the times belongs to us! Unity, good learning and execution become our most effective tools for the charge again, insistence, collaboration and respect become our choices for the success again; I am still who I am, yesterday’s dream, today’s achievement; not arrogant or rash, serious and pragmatic, these noble qualities become more dignified by the deduction of Cwmalls people! We firmly believe, as long as we act, there will be change, we believe more firmly, only braveness can allow you to step forward; this is our principle and attitude, it is more of the common choice of Cwmalls people; So yesterday, so today, so the future! This is us! Never change!

In this way; 1500 days and nights become our yesterday and past, today we will write and rewrite the growing history of CWMALLS COMMODITY by the charge; with the spirit of never abandon, give up, compromise, we will build the developing history of Cwmalls; we are not the attached sucker of the age, we are the subversive and builder of the times; we are the main character, the trend and the classics; we know the sacrifice, also know to cherish; we know ourselves, also know others; although we are still very small, we will be narcissistic; although we are still very weak, we have a will of iron; all these are on the central axis of time, we will really be the advocator, maker and distributor of the standard value in this new online shopping times! Please wait and see!

In this way; this is the best of times, also the worst of times, who will dominate this times? You can say that the network is a bubble, and we are too tender; you like to define our future by the past, you always deny the miracle we create by your story; you are growing old, but you don’t admit that the world has in our hands; conservation cannot catch the future, but the future is coming; let’s embrace everything! Give a chance to innovation! Cwmalls people are coming, we come for maintaining the innovation, and innovating, we come for changing and charging! We are creating our times in the special means of our own! We will greet everything in a more open, cooperative and tolerated attitude! We are happy to share our dribs and drabs! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Innovative school, powerful school——CWMALLS COMMODITY


To take each blow and setback as a challenge; and overcome it, this is the only choice —— CWMALLS COMMODITY